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Top 10 Medical Clinic in Bukit Jelutong

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When it comes to healthcare in Bukit Jelutong, choosing the right clinic can make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 medical clinics in Bukit Jelutong, each known for their exceptional services and patient care. These clinics have earned high ratings and positive feedback, making them reliable options for your healthcare needs.

Klinik Hello Doctor Bukit Jelutong stands out for their comprehensive medical services and attentive care.  Similarly, Klinik Menara Bukit Jelutong is recognized for its efficient service and patient-focused approach, ensuring a positive experience for all who visit. Whether you’re seeking routine check-ups or specialized treatments, these clinics offer trustworthy and professional care.

Klinik Near Me is a platform that aims to help you find a trustworthy clinic and learn about the quality of the top clinics in your area. Make informed decisions for your health in Bukit Jelutong.

1. Klinik Anda Bukit Jelutong

Klinik Anda is part of a chain of clinics, with a branch catering to the needs of families in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. The clinic is spacious, comfortable and has excellent hospitality for their patients. Their focus on maternal and child health makes them a convenient option for parents seeking check-ups, vaccinations, or even pregnancy tests. While they excel in family medicine, Klinik Anda Bukit Jelutong also offers a wide range of services including minor surgical procedures and even emergency aid if you ever need to visit in the middle of the night.

2. Klinik Radia Bukit Jelutong

Klinik Radia stands as a family-oriented clinic offering extended weekday and weekend hours. Known for their convenient operating schedule, Klinik Radia provides general medical services for patients of all ages. They offer general vaccinations, imaging tests, pediatric care and even psychiatric services. With notably friendly and soft-spoken staff, this clinic may perfect for your children’s future check ups.

3. Klinik Hello Doctor Bukit Jelutong

Not to be confused with the Malay health information website Hello Doktor, Klinik Hello Doctor (English spelling) focuses on outstanding healthcare service and an enjoyable homecare. They’re a 24-hour clinic  offering family health services for women, children, and even provide house calls for those who need medical attention at home.  Dr. Hadi bin Othman is the director of the clinic, and they frequently share health tips and educational content through their social media channels.

4. Klinik Dr. Zaini Bukit Jelutong

Led by Dr. Zaini Binti Abd Bakar, Klinik Dr. Zaini is a patient-centered clinic offering primary care and general medical services. The facilities are well-kept and the doctor is noted to be empathetic and understanding to her patients. The only downside you might face is the limited operational hours of the clinic.

5. Klinik Bukit Jelutong

Simply known as Klinik Bukit Jelutong, it ranks in the middle of the pack for our list of top clinics in Bukit Jelutong. With years under their belt, reviews talk about their professional and helpful in-house doctor mostly focused on primary care on top of blood tests and electrocardiograms. However, their regular operational hours might make it hard for working professionals to come in on the weekdays for an appointment.

6. Izzu Child Specialist Clinic Bukit Jelutong

Izzu Child Specialist Clinic caters specifically to the needs of children’s health. Led by Dr. Izzurina Bashah Mohamed Ibrahim, a pediatrician with expertise in postnatal screening, well-child care, and monitoring child development milestones, the clinic offers a comfortable environment focused on young patients.

7. Klinik Su Familia

Klinik Su Familia, situated in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, focuses on providing quality healthcare for the whole family. Dr. Siti Shuhaizam binti Mamat Raduan, an experienced primary care physician, leads the clinic, offering medical services from routine check-ups and managing minor illnesses, to family planning and STDs.

8. Klinik Menara Bukit Jelutong

Klinik Menara Bukit Jelutong is a comprehensive clinic offering a variety of services. While they provide general consultations for the whole family, they’re particularly known for their Covid-19 testing services and ample facilities, which are wheelchair accessible.

9. Klinik Menara 2 Bukit Jelutong

Also part of the Menara group like our last entry, Klinik Menara 2 is specifically a wound care clinic. Their team of experienced doctors can provide post-surgical wound care, diabetic wound treatment, infection healing options, and more. They also have a home visit service to better treat their patients will chronic illnesses.

10. Qualitas Health Klinik Sunsuria Bukit Jelutong

Klinik Sunsuria is part of a network of clinics called Qualitas Health, focusing on quality, patient-centric care. Their doctor, Dr. Balamurali Mathialagan provides primary care services which includes health screenings, vaccinations and chronic illness management.

Explore the top 10 medical clinics in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam for comprehensive healthcare services through Klinik Near Me, considering factors such as location, available services, patient reviews, and ratings.

Bukit Jelutong Healthcare Landscape

Situated within Shah Alam, Malaysia, Bukit Jelutong boasts a thriving healthcare scene catering to the well-being of its residents. From routine check-ups to specialized consultations, the area offers a diverse range of essential services. This commitment to comprehensive healthcare ensures residents have convenient access to the medical care they need.

Reputable medical clinics, like Klinik Anda and Klinik Radia, exemplify Bukit Jelutong’s focus on quality healthcare facilities within the community. Positive reviews found on platforms like Google My Business highlight these clinics’ contribution to fulfilling residents’ medical needs. This widespread availability reinforces the importance of accessible and reliable medical care.

To discover the top medical clinics in Bukit Jelutong, individuals can utilize platforms like Klinik Near Me. This service allows residents to explore and compare the top 10 clinics based on patient reviews, ratings, and offered services. By leveraging these platforms, residents gain valuable information about each clinic, including specialties and patient experiences, empowering them to choose the healthcare provider that best suits their needs.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Clinic

Picking the perfect medical clinic in Bukit Jelutong involves several key considerations. Location is crucial, especially for frequent check-ups or emergencies. Ideally, the clinic should be easily accessible to avoid long travel times.

The range of services offered also plays a big role. Does the clinic cater to your specific needs? Look for clinics that provide general consultations, vaccinations, minor surgeries, or specialized consultations depending on your requirements.

Patient reviews hold significant weight in the decision. Positive reviews on Google My Business or other platforms can indicate a clinic’s reputation for quality care, skilled professionals, and a positive patient experience. Conversely, negative reviews might steer you towards alternative options. Reading patient feedback empowers you to make informed choices about the clinic that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of online resources. Platforms like Klinik Near Me allow you to explore and compare the top clinics in Bukit Jelutong based on patient reviews, ratings, and available services. This valuable information helps you gain insights into each clinic’s specialties and patient experiences, ultimately enabling you to choose the healthcare provider that best suits you.