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Top 10 Medical Clinic in Setia Alam

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Looking for a reliable and caring medical clinic in Setia Alam? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 options, renowned for their excellent service and dedication to your well-being. These clinics consistently receive positive reviews and high ratings, so you can be confident in receiving trustworthy and professional care.

From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, Setia Alam offers a diverse range of clinics to cater to your needs. Some clinics, like Alpro Clinic, excel in comprehensive medical services with a patient-first approach. Others, like Klinik Setia Ria, are known for their efficient service and welcoming atmosphere.

This list, curated by our Klinik Near Me platform, empowers you to make informed decisions about your health. Find the Setia Alam medical clinic that best suits your requirements and experience the quality care you deserve.

1. Klinik Setia Gemilang Setia Alam

Complete with a onsite laboratory and a range of panels, Klinik Setia Gemilang is still a good choice for residents of Setia Alam. A kid-friendly waiting room and professional staff makes for a pleasant visit to the doctor.

2. Klinik Setia Ria Setia Alam

Quality service is what you’ll get at Klinik Setia Ria, with professional doctors and staff. The clinic is accommodating and comfortable, especially with a kid-friendly waiting area. Not to mention the extended operating hours, perfect for working adults.

3. Dr. Puterii's Clinic Setia Alam

Owned and led by women, Dr Puteri’s Clinic has been serving the Setia Alam community since 2020. They focus on women’s health including problems with menstruation, pregnancy and fertility. With experienced doctors and quality care, they’ll be able to help any woman in need.

4. Klinik Aurora 24 Jam Setia Alam

Striving for affordable and accessible health, the team of qualified medical professionals are ready to serve the residents of Setia Alam. Especially focused as a family clinic for mothers in children, they provide comprehensive services for all your needs.

5. Klinik Setia City Setia Alam

You can see from their website, a patient centered approach defines this clinic. Friendly staff, comfortable clinic. They offer preventative care, diagnostic services and specialised treatments available for any of their patients located in Setia Alam.

6. ALPRO Clinic Setia Alam

Transparency in pricing and comprehensive services, Alpro Clinic puts their patients first. From regular illnesses you need an MC for, to vaccinations and wound care management, Alpro Clinic strives to be a holistic one stop shop for healthcare.

7. Suri Clinic Setia Alam

Yet another women’s health clinic available for service in the Setia Alam area. The clinic has great reviews for their ultrasonography and fertility related services, welcoming mothers and single women alike to take care of their health.

8. Klinik Anda 24 Jam Setia Alam

As part of a nationwide chain of clinics, Klinik Anda is a trustworthy establishment for your healthcare needs. They do their best to tend to patients with attentive and thorough consultations.

9. Poliklinik MK Setia Alam

Poliklinik MK has been established for a few years, offering advice and medicine to those who need it. Their standard services can help you feel better when you’re sick whether you’re suffering from headaches, fevers, infections or more.

10. Klinik Setia Alam

It’s there in the name Klinik Setia Alam is located right in the middle of downtown with years of service baked into its walls. It’s a comfortable clinic with friendly staff and doctors, you’ll be able to find what you need here.

Explore the top 10 medical clinics in Setia Alam, Shah Alam for comprehensive healthcare services through Klinik Near Me, considering factors such as location, available services, patient reviews, and ratings.

Setia Alam Healthcare Landscape

Setia Alam, a vibrant neighborhood within Shah Alam, boasts a wealth of medical clinics and specialty women’s health clinics to keep you healthy and well. Whether you need a routine checkup, a specialist consultation, or anything in between, Setia Alam caters to your diverse healthcare needs. This commitment to comprehensive care ensures convenient access to quality medical services for all residents.

Established clinics like Klinik Setia Ria and Klinik Setia City exemplify Setia Alam’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare facilities within the community. Positive online reviews consistently praise these clinics for their commitment to patients’ well-being. This widespread accessibility reinforces Setia Alam’s reputation for offering reliable and trustworthy medical care, right at your doorstep.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Clinic

Finding the right medical clinic in Setia Alam requires careful consideration. Does the clinic offer what you need? General consultations and vaccinations are a must, but some clinics offer more, like minor surgeries or specialized consultations depending on your health. If you have specific needs, like pediatric care or women’s health services, look for clinics known for those specialties.

Online reviews hold weight. Check Google My Business or other platforms to get a feel for the clinic’s reputation. Positive reviews can indicate quality care, skilled professionals, and a positive patient experience. Look for reviews mentioning factors important to you, like wait times, doctor attentiveness, and overall satisfaction. Negative reviews might suggest exploring other options. Reading both sides of the coin empowers you to make informed choices.

Platforms like Klinik Near Me can be your guide. Explore and compare the top 10 Setia Alam clinics. Utilize patient reviews, ratings, and listed services to narrow down your options. These platforms offer valuable insights into each clinic’s specialties, doctor qualifications, and patient experiences. This empowers you to choose the healthcare provider who best aligns with your needs and preferences.